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Track All Your Metrics in One Place

Define, manage, and consolidate your metrics using an intuitive web UI within minutes. From third-party services to custom metrics, StatsMix delivers a unified dashboard for all your metrics.

View your entire business at a glance and gain a deeper understanding of what drives your key metrics.

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Collect and Push Internal Data

StatsMix auto-generates code for many popular programming languages, so integration with any system is as simple as copy & paste.

Push data into StatsMix real-time using our API and watch the data roll in as it happens. Our five-minute setup is truly a "set it and forget it" solution.

Include Third Party Services

Important metrics are often spread across multiple services such as Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Chargify, FreshBooks, etc. StatsMix supports many popular web services, so you can seamlessly incorporate them into your dashboards.

How do your web analytics compare to the number of logins on your site? Is there any correlation between sales of your product and the number of support tickets submitted?

StatsMix can help you understand the answers to these types of questions. View, monitor, and measure all these metrics in centralized dashboards.

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Start monitoring your metrics on dashboards.

Instant Trend Charting

Simple and intuitive, yet extremely powerful charting delivers your metrics as instantly available, configurable charts. No more relying on spreadsheets, HTML tables, or complex reporting tools. Send us all your metrics and now have instant access to them anywhere!

Compare and analyze different metrics on the same charts with access to metadata. Zoom in/out of data in real-time with no need to configure and reload settings.

Easily Create Dashboards

Our intuitive drag & drop dashboard builder lets you build highly customized views of all your key metrics. We provide fully configurable and re-sizable charting widgets so you can create meaningful views of your data any way you want.

Daily and Weekly Email Updates

Receive a daily or weekly email summarizing activity in any or all your metrics over the last week.

Email is still a major part of your workflow. We deliver all your important metrics straight to your inbox every morning.

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Start monitoring your metrics on dashboards.

Share Dashboards & Charts with Anyone

With StatsMix, it's now easy for everyone to know what's happening in the business. Our one-click sharing interface makes it simple to share charts and dashboards with anyone.

Need to share metrics with your client, boss, or co-workers? You can easily send them a link, embed a dashboard on any web page, or give them guest access. And sharing isn't limited to dashboards. Any chart in StatsMix can be shared the same way.

Receive Alerts

Set alerts on any of your metrics. When a metric reaches the trigger you set, we’ll send you an email with the details and actionable links.

Our current alert options include monitoring when metrics hit all-time highs/lows, increase/decrease by a percent or amount, or go higher/lower than a value threshold you set.

If there are important metrics you need notifications on (we all have some), you can monitor it with StatsMix alerts.

Notes on Charts

You have business activities that would be useful to view with your metrics. You’d like to see them marked or displayed on a chart to identify if there are any effects from the event or possible correlations.

Just by clicking on a chart, you can add a note that can be calendar events or actions that happen in your business. Some examples include when an employee speaks at a conference, you deploy a new software release, a product is launched, or company milestones.

The possibilities are endless! Our notes feature is truly extensible for many different uses in your business.

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Start monitoring your metrics on dashboards.

Group Metrics into Profiles

You'll often want to group metrics into logical groupings for clients, projects, or other internal use. Profiles give you the ability to group metrics into "buckets" and allow you to create unlimited custom dashboards for each.

Custom Branding of Charts & Dashboards

You'll often want to control the look and feel of reports for your team, customers, or the public. StatsMix allows you to change the appearance of metrics and dashboards that are shared even to the point that they appear white-labeled. This is especially useful you’re sharing dashboards with customers.

StatsMix provides the ability to remove all StatsMix branding, add your own custom CSS, upload a logo, add a custom domain, and password protect shared dashboards and charts.