Stats Mix

As an email company, we constantly monitor large amounts of data. While StatsMix was built to help us do that, its ability to centralize and track our social media activity into one dashboard makes my job a lot easier.
Tim Falls, SendGrid
Getting a metrics dashboard going has never been so simple!
Tim Wolters, Roundpegg
I'm really liking @statsmix for building dashboards to track and analyze data.
Trevor Fitzgerald, PressTags
With Statsmix, I can aggregate other stat sources & get 1 BIG picture + daily report via email for all my sites. Really nice tool
Z. Kelly Queijo, SmartCollegeVisit
...its porn for data junkies like us
Joel Wishkovsky, Card Gnome
Played with @statsmix for 10 minutes and fell in love. Seriously, I've wanted this app for so long.
John Sheehan, Twilio
Trouble juggling all your metrics? Check out @statsmix. I set up a dashboard w/ [Google Analytics], MailChimp, Twitter data in <5 minutes. So useful/easy.
Bing Chou, Knowledge Headquarters
I really like the metadata feature! Awesome work
Nick Henry, Standing Cloud
StatsMix is an _awesome_ tool.
Liam Davis-Mead, ScriptPad
Frustrated with tracking and reporting metrics? A couple of our companies are using @statsmix. Impressive...
Mark Solon, Highway 12 Ventures
playing around and am really impressed with @statsmix
Andrew Hyde,