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How do you track your social media campaigns?

How do you know how well your social media campaigns are performing? Are you still using spreadsheets? Manage all your social media efforts with custom dashboards using StatsMix. Whether it's internal data or metrics from third-party services, StatsMix aggregates all your relevant social media and marketing data into amazing dashboards you can easily share with co-workers, clients, or partners.

Here's what you could be getting with StatsMix:

  • Save time by automating your reporting
  • Data from many different services can be combined easily
  • One-click dashboard sharing quickly enables collaboration with anyone
  • Fully customizable - your logo, your design

There's a better way to build dashboards

StatsMix makes it easy to track, chart and share all your important business metrics from any source in custom dashboards. Quickly track internal metrics or let us automatically monitor social media, analytics, support systems, and many more services.

Dramatically improve your social media campaigns with StatsMix dashboards today!

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